New Year, new.... wardrobe?

With a new year comes resolutions, (and struggles), health and exercise promises and probably 15 other things we won't keep to.
If there's one thing we should make new... it should be our wardrobe, right?
Okay, okay... maybe not an entirely new wardrobe BUT it's time to splurge on those things we have been talking about wanting since the beginning of winter and/or something to remind us that spring/summer are eventually coming. 

1. Something so cozy it reminds you of a blanket and/or CUTE lounge clothes (no one should be looking homeless at home)

2. Sunglasses: because summer will eventually arrive.

4. Something special, anything, that you have been thinking about for awhile.
we did it too ;)

We'll add these to our list too ;)

new year, new resolutions, new things <3

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