A Cool Girls Guide to the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby: also known as the greatest two minutes in sports (apparently).
For those of you that are excited for the race, good for you.
For everyone else, let's get excited about the fashion.

When you first think of the derby, what comes to mind?
Hats, of course.
Florals + bright colors.

But how do you create the perfect Kentucky Derby ensemble without over doing it but still looking cool?

Start with the dress. Because you are most likely going to spice up your outfit with an awesome hat, keep it simple with the dress. You don't need flowers on your head and flowers on your body. Aim for solid colors, bright colors or the classics, black + white.

If you really want to be cool, wear a jumpsuit.

Shoes. Because you are keeping it simple with a dress, wear a shoe that corresponds with your hat. Have fun with this. If you wear a white dress, try a black and white patterned shoe or a color to add a little something special.

Hats. Well this is the best, and most important part. The Kentucky Derby is probably the only day you can get away with wearing something like this on your head.

Get Inspired by your favorite celebs.

So much fashion, such a short race.

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