Vacation Essentials

As we prepare for what's supposed to be a "blizzard" we can't help but think about everyone's upcoming vacations, our previous vacations, or just those vacations we dream about going on but never actually do.
Packing for vacation could probably be one of the hardest tasks we have ever taken on. Do you want to wear a dress, or a romper, or shorts and a top? Who knows what mood you're going to be in.
What we can tell you is that there are definite essentials that must be in your suitcase.

The perfect tanning lotion + after tanning lotion.
We love Beach Bum with SPF + St. Tropez moisturizing lotion with gradual tan.

A good beach read.
We highly suggest 
-One and Only by Emily Giffin<3-
Any one of Chelsea Handler's hilariously entertaining books.

Easy outfits that you can wear during the day or at night.

A cute coverup + bathing suit (because most of the time you're in a bathing suit but still have to look cute 24/7).

The perfect summer shoe.
(we predict that wedges are making a comeback)

Multiple pairs of sunglasses. Because we all need our sunglasses to match our outfits.

Get Inspired

Happy vacationing

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