Holiday Gift Guide

The only thing better than shopping is shopping during the holidays.
Every store is right now decorated floor to ceiling, the mood is brighter, and who doesn't love buying presents?
(especially when you know you'll end up picking up a few things for yourself).
Realistically though, holiday shopping can get a little over whelming.
You know you have to buy for family and friends, co workers and colleagues, and then there's that small chance you'll have to pick something up for your boyfriend's grandmother's friend's sister. So that's always fun.
The best way to shop this season is to think about what you would be excited to open, what's a necessity right now, while also keeping in mind that person's likes.
accessories- scarves, hats
something initial- necklaces, bracelets
something fur
anything comfy
Candles + things

All gifts that are equally amazing, but also easy while still being special.

Find our holiday gift guide and reasons why<3
who doesn't love to eat drink be merry and then do it all over again?

Sweaters and scarves are perfect for anyone. And they are super cozy.

Coated leggings that can go with absolutely anything, or paired with our fav new turtle neck and pompom hat. Literally the perfect outfit. 

Plaid. Hats, scarves + little gloves for anyone on your list.

If you give this to someone they actually might kiss you for gifting them the most comfortable (and affordable) sweater on the planet.

These too! 

An easy affordable cardigan that can be perfect for anyone, mom, grandma, your coworker secret santa gift. Just perfect.

Comfy, cute + festive.

Another one of those amazingly soft sweaters! Cashmere for someone special <3

The two cutest little sweatpants + cropped sweater outfits! You can easily dress these up with a bootie or dress them down with a sneaker.

Who wouldn't love a fun pair of sunglasses?

Scarves are always a quick, easy buy. Especially when they're paired with our favorite fur hidden wedge bootie.

Basics and coated leggings are just our favorite thing in the store right now. They are easy to buy and whoever is wearing them can make so many of the coolest outfits.

Fur<3 AND it's a two in one vest. Fur on one side and plain grey on another.

One of the best things about this time of the year is the joy of giving gifts.
Which is why we love every day at Suite 201 <3


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