Just when we thought it couldn't get any better.... he did it.
It's obvious that everything Jay Godfrey is amazing, but he literally left us speechless this morning with our newest arrivals.

Because it is our favorite always, and we are currently obsessed, we have to do a spotlight on all things Jay Godfrey.

You know it's good when you see it on the Red Carpet

AND on all of our AMAZING customers!

Shop all of these insane styles in our store OR call or text us! 
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Okay... maybe it's not THAT wild but the biggest and best trends right now include safari inspired pieces and everything denim
Typical rule of thumb for a formal event... wear long.
But why? Why not wear short? Why not wear a midi dress? Why not wear a jumpsuit?

No matter what you are in the mood for... we have it all.

Going out should be fun. And getting dressed for it should be even more fun.
You aren't limited to your typical long dress when it comes to formal events.
The possibilities are endless and we love each and every one of them!

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