Graphic tees, a Suite201 wardrobe fav, is a fun way to add some edge to your every day outfit. Whether it is a band t-shirt, or Feel the Piece's "Me First" muscle tee (we do love ourselves and so should you), graphics allow you to have fun with your style.

Not to brag BUT designer, Lauren Moshi, created this 201 tee exclusively for us ;)
And well this Paris hoodie is just really cool. I think it's the perfect plane outfit... comfy&cute... exactly what you're looking for on a travel day.

I know Laguna Beach was like a decade ago but how cute do Lo and LC look in their Lauren Moshi tees?! 
Forever loving these two.

This is what I was talking about... us first, you first, ME first. 
a Feel the Piece must have.

Band Tees. Are you feeling thrifty? The best place to get a real vintage (& cheap) band tee is at a thrift shop.

Like them or not, the Kardashian/Jenner family is full of fashion icons...
...Kendall, you rock.

I feel cooler already just talking about graphics.
How do you wear yours?

XO Taylor

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