An Inside Look

Now that we spoke about the staple items that we should always pack, I want to show you guys what's inside my suit case this weekend. I am leaving for Fire Island in a few hours (WOOO!) so I thought I would share the goodies that I am bringing with me. 
I have never been to Fire Island but Alina told me this morning that it is amazing. We are going to some beach bar on Saturday so I needed a cute dress to throw on top of my bathing suit. As always, she supplied me with the absolute cutest outfit for tomorrow.

I don't have a picture of my bathing suits, but I did bring 4- which is really unnecessary considering I am only going away for two nights.
This little cover-up/dress to throw on Saturday when we go to the beach bar.

My choice of jewelry. Nothing crazy I like to keep it simple.

Sunglasses. My favorite Ray Ban Outdoorsman Crafts. 

My Casual outfits.
 I have the baby doll dress on with my black booties today that I will keep on for the train/boat ride over to Fire Island, but brought a tight black tank dress also... just incase.

One day to night outfit.

Casual/Comfy Outfits
This Feel the Piece Summer sweater is my absolute favorite.
And if you guys can't tell....
I love all things love.
And my Juicy velour sweatpants. Forever my favorite pajama sweats.

These two minis for Saturday night.
I mentioned that it's good to pack light but be realistic. You never know what kind of mood you'll be in so bring a couple options. 

And of course... I need a few bags.
my red Brics Weekender, My Louis Vuitton tote, and this black JJ Winters Fringe bag.
This little Joie purse is good for inside my beach bag or big tote. I throw my sunglasses, some chapstick, and anything else little that I need.

I might throw some last minute things in there too before I head out ;)

XO Taylor

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