Different Cities, Different Styles.

Being that a majority of our childhoods took place in the tri state area, we feel we have mastered the art of coping with the drastic change in weather of the 4 seasons, especially when it comes to fashion. We experience the coldest winters, the hottest summers, and everything in between.
But what happens when we leave our New York/New Jersey bubble and venture out? Everyone loves a tropical getaway, a west coast vacation or a quick trip down to Miami.
So now you have to pack for these trips. I can’t even pick out my outfit in the morning, how am I going to pack for an entire week, or even a long weekend? We experience the same weather that they do, but do we experience the same trends? You want to stand out, but not in a touristy, “OMG what is she wearing”, type way. Sometimes you just have to play the part.
First things first: Puerto Rico. It is all in the beach wear. Clearly you’re going to be on the beach or by the pool every day so bathing suits and cover-ups are a necessity; cool bathing suits and cover-ups. You are spending the majority of your trip wearing them so get the ones you are most excited to put on every morning.

 When it comes to going out at night, keep it beachy and keep it fun. You’re on an island; it is the perfect place to wear bright colors, little dresses, rompers, all things fun.
Get Inspired.

Los Angeles. The city of cool people? The city of the best weather? The city of denim during the day, leather at night? We love LA. It is a true melting pot of trends. You can be super casual in denim shorts and a t-shirt, or dress it up with leather and pumps. It is the one place where you can wear an outfit during the day and transition that same outfit at night with only a couple additions. The people are cool and the fashion is cooler.
 This jacket is a must. For life in general.
The coolest dresses that you can dress up or dress down with a bootie or sandals.
I know we talked about these jumpsuits for Puerto Rico, but picture either of these with a heal and a leather jacket. Such an LA outfit.
And of course, the perfect pair of ripped denim + leggings, along with our favorite tops and the cutest hat.
These need to be in your suitcase.

Get Inspired.
L.A. Cool, Casual, + Chic. 

Last but certainly not least: Miami. The city of....designer shoes... or designer everything for that matter. Every where you go in Miami you must be dressed to impress; but not in a casual LA sense; you really have to be on your A game every time you walk out the door. I'm talking dresses, heals, put together perfection from head to toe.

Starting with what you wear on the plane.
There is no outfit more perfect than cool leggings and a simple tee; one of our favorite Feel The Piece Tees, of course.
All of those outfits you have that you think to yourself, "where am I ever going to wear this?" Miami is that place.

Get Inspired. Designer Inspired.

So many cities, So much fashion.

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