The best thing that's happened to us

Celebrities use it (for real though). It's in Vanity Fair, Allure + all beauty magazines- which basically makes it famous. And it smells amazing.
The creator, Gaye Straza, was born and raised in Hawaii and wanted to share with us, her "slice of Heaven"
And that's literally what it is. A gift from heaven.

Coming from girls who go through products and products a month because we can't find one we love enough to stick with, this KAI stuff is beyond amazing.
We have the perfume, $48, and the body glow, $34.
Not only is the smell incredible, but the body glow literally makes you glow. 

 It's a light weight, dry oil spray that moisturizes and shines. We put it on in the morning before work, and by the time we get to the store, our arms, legs, neck, WHATEVER, are actually a little tanner and glowing.
It's super light weight,  not greasy at all, smells great, and it makes your skin so soft.
Just get it, we promise you'll LOVE it .

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