the first weekend is the best weekend

Whether you are packing your car for your road trip down the shore, catching a train out East, or staying in our favorite city, New York, you are definitely already thinking about what you are going to wear this weekend.

Besides the cutest beach bags ever... you still need to pack.
For obvious reasons, this weekend's attire is more important than any other weekend because it is the start of the summer. How you dress is basically going to decide how your summer will go (JK... but really).

First things first. DTS. Our beloved Jersey Shore.
Casual + Cute during the day. And depending where you end up at night, dress it up.

The Hamptons or "out east"
When I think the Hamptons I just think white. And a little more dressed up or put together than the usual jersey shore outfit. 

And then there's home sweet home, in our favorite City, New York (or Hoboken)
Of course it depends where you are going in the city, but during the day it's all about easy and cute.

(because it might be chilly at night and this is the cutest sweater ever)

Still not sure what to pack? (besides your entire closet) Get Inspired.

the first weekend is the best weekend.

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