Shoe Trend: Chunky Heels

                                          CHUNKY HEELS

The best shoe trend are chunky heels!  What makes these types of heels the best kind are how they are so comfortable and very fashionable! Women love anything that will make them look taller and cause no pain.  With these chunky heels you just won't want to take them off!

These are currently our favorite style in chunky heels ($148)!  The heel is not to high which will elongate your legs making them look absolutely amazing along with giving your foot support and comfort!  This style can also be worn in so many fun ways you can just re-wear them with so many outfits, such as our Boulee dress below! 

What's great about chunky heels is that you can dress them up and dress them down.  You can wear them with a tight dress, such as the image above, or you can wear them with a cute high waisted skirt and tank top or even a pair of denim jeans!  These bad boys can go with anything you create.

Diane Kruger, Fearne Cotton, and Mary-Kate Olsen are all wearing their chunky heels to complete their fabulous outfits!

This is a picture of some different styles that chunky heels can come in such as wedge, sandal, bright colors, and so many more different styles!

Make sure to keep up with your shoe trends and try these chunky heels out not only for the comfort but you will wear them forever, promise!

-Chantalle Luberto
Styling Assistant

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  1. I would love to know where I can get these shoes! :-)


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