Morgan Stewart

HEY. So I decided that I wanted to dedicate this day to our blonde bond, Morgan Stewart.
From obsessing over her on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (#rkobh) to reading her blog every night before bed, in the least creepy way possible (#boobsandloubs), me and the rest of the Suite 201 gals have grown to love her. It's almost like we all feel like we have become friends with her through her writing because of the way she talks and connects with people. She is normal, absolutely hysterical, and her style epitomizes everything that we are about. 

So...her style<3

her amazing BOD.
she said she was hungover in the picture on the right... still a total babe.

Baguette&Brendan. her favs.

the rest of the RKOBH crew. on their own plane... totally not a big deal, just fabulous.

One of our customers loves her SO much that she asked Suite201 to imitate one of Morgan's looks her for her birthday.

Like she says, "BOOBS&LOUBS. For the girl creating her own future...for the boy who digs boobs."
Totally loving Morgan Stewart.

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