Back to the Basics

Dozens of sneakers and boots.
Hundreds of tanks, tees, + tops.
An endless amount of denim.
Sounds like our dream closet. 
With trends that seem to change constantly, it can be hard to keep up with how to dress "the right way." The best part about the world of fashion right now, is that it is super casual. Which is why a closet full of sneakers, tees, and jeans is more than ideal.

Although we are super excited about Spring+Summer fashion right now, there is a fine line between looking sloppy and wearing these pieces just right.

First things first, always have your hair and makeup done. 
If there is one thing you are going to master, make it this.
We are not saying cake on the makeup every morning (because natural looking makeup is so in right now), but make sure you look polished. 

Clothing. Wear it right. Ripped denim with a neat tank and a flat bootie is perfect.
As long as you are not sloppy,  but you look put together, you are doing it right.

What better way to get dressed than getting inspired?

Get comfortable + Stay casual

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