Your Fall2015 Trend Guide


Did you say gaucho pants?
Wait... turtle necks?
And super washed out denim?

Sounds like we are going to need to raid our Mom's closets soon... or just makeover our own.

They same that history often repeats itself... and it this case, we are so excited about it. 

Because we are hair obsessed, let's talk about what's happening up there.
Headbands. Headbands are making a serious comeback. They are the perfect option when you want a fuss-free way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking like you put in a little effort.

OKAY, gaucho pants. They were everywhere at Coterie this past week; every designer, every possible color and pattern... everywhere.

All Denim Everything. Super washed out, super bleached, super ripped. 
Gone are the days of clean denim. I mean, obviously you can still wear them without being shunned, but the point is that the trend is totally opposite of that.

Pencil Skirts + Pencil Dresses. By this we mean everything is very form fitting, very slim, very straight. No more mini skater skirts. Tight, below the knee, like T-length, is the way to go.

High Necks, Mock Necks, Turtle Necks. Everything has some of higher neck; dresses, tops, tanks. Nothing new that we will be seeing will be super low cut or "sexy". 
Think classy and think amazing.

COLORS: Plum, Teal, Hunter and what we call a "brown, cognac, mustardish color".

 Ready to rock those gaucho pants and throw on a turtleneck?
We have a few months to get ready... we will do it together<3

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