A few of our favorite things.

We all have those things that just get us. It could be a product we use, an artist we love, a workout we do... anything. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. 
So, these are a few of our favorite things.

I just got this new product from Bare Minerals. It's called Prime Time. It is a foundation that is used to even out the color of your skin prior to applying makeup. My face tends to get red in certain areas and this stuff works miracles. Give it a shot and I promise you'll love it.

My bible. Elite Daily. Reading articles from Elite Daily is literally relaxing for me. All articles are written by people from this generation. It's like they are mind reading the concerns in my head and giving me solutions. It's real life, absolutely hysterical stuff.
And this is convenient because these 5 fab men are the Entourage characters- another recent obsession of mine. I am a first timer and have been binge watching Entourage. When the season ended I felt like I was losing friends. (in the least pathetic way possible).

Everyone loves a cute puppy, right? I promise you I am getting this little guy by the end of the summer.
A Pomsky! Also a $3,000 dog BUT no amount of money can buy the happiness that a dog gives you.

I know it's summer and everyone wants to sit in the sun and get a real tan, but for those days when you just don't have time and you need a quick fix... St. Tropez Self Tanner. This is one of Alina & Allison's fav products. If both of them love it then you know it has to be amazing.

What else goes with a sick tan? A sick body. Alina is so obsessed with CKO kickboxing
I feel like a total babe just looking at this picture. Imagine how good Alina feels after doing it?

Hats. Alina's personal favorite accessory. It's awesome how one addition to your outfit can make it so complete.

For all of you who don't know this yet, Allison is super talented & really into art. Her two favorite artists, Jeff Koons & Yayoi are incredible. 
Michael Jackson. Do you die? So cool.

And Yayoi.
Quite the character but all of her work is done with sharpies. It truly is incredible.

Check out Allison's tumblr too. Just because we love it.

What are your fav. things?

XO Taylor

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