A Case of the Mondays

We all go through it. The Sunday blues when you get in bed at night, the exhaustion on Monday morning when your alarm goes off, and the dreadful thought that Friday is another four days away. Personally I think that everyone's work week would be way better if it were only 4 days instead of 5... but unfortunately I don't make the rules. SO need some help getting over a case of the Mondays? 

Start off with an Iced Bev. (preferably coffee). This is essential. There is nothing better than an iced coffee, made to perfection- the right amount of milk and just enough sugar. Dunkin always has been and always will be my number one choice but start off with your favorite iced beverage.

Dress up. I don’t care how tired you are from the weekend or how much you hate this day of the week, no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up. You know that when you look good you feel good.

 Hit the gym. I know this might sound dreadful to some, but it shouldn’t be. Think about how good you feel walking out of the gym after a workout. This feeling alone makes the trip to the gym worth it. For an extra feel good Monday, try hitting the gym in the morning. (Nothing like feeling skinny to start off your week.)

 Get inspired. Sometimes all we need to get through the day is a little inspiration to remind us why we’re doing what we are doing. It’s easy to get lost on a dreadful Monday but if you re-adjust your sights on where you want to go it might help you get through. Even if your inspiration is the amazing dress that you're wearing to that party next Saturday, keep your eye on that.

 Treat yourself. I am mostly referring to clothing, BUT if you don’t want clothes, you could get yourself some flowers or even order dessert at dinner tonight. Just treat yourself because sometimes it’s just the little things that can change your mood today.

How do you get through your case of the Mondays?
For those of you that enjoy this lovely day of the week, good for you. Keep it up :)
And remember

XO Taylor 

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