Jay Godfrey & The Suite Gals

I just want everyone to take a minute and appreciate how AMAZING Alina and Allison looked this past Saturday at a wedding they attended.

Both bombshells were rocking Jay Godfrey.
Alina's hot number, THE GATES, is probably one of the most amazing dresses I've ever seen but unfortunately it's sold out everywhere. The fact that she looks so good in it AND that it's sold out probably makes every one want it even more. 
Allison, the firecracker in the red, was wearing the LAMBORN Stretch Crepe Gown with Side Cutouts, $398. Don't love red? Don't worry. This gown also comes in tangerine, emerald, black
Not only did these dresses look incredible, but Alina and Allison said they were beyond comfortable. Alina explains, and I quote, "I felt more comfortable in this dress on Saturday night than I did in my sweats on Sunday."

Shop Jay Godfrey with us at Suite 201.

XO Taylor

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