When in Doubt, Wear Sequin.

It's finally that time of year again!
I mean, the world has been decorating for the Holidays since July but now we can officially start dressing like it.
As if it's not hard enough to decide what to wear every day when we wake up, now we have to start thinking about what to wear for the holiday work functions, a house party, a dinner... the list is endless.
One thing we can tell you:
Wear Sequin
Whether you do jeans and a sequin top, or a dress with awesome shoes- you need something sequin.

A lot of times when you think sequin you may think super dressy. It doesn't have to be. Honestly the other day I saw someone wearing a sequin midi skirt with a plaid oversized shirt.. I think I died<3

I mean... we even photograph our candles with sequin <3

Get Inspired.
But seriously, would you ever think of pairing a sequin maxi skirt with sneakers? Or blazer with boyfriend jeans? Love it so much.


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