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Plan outfits the night before; we all know that feeling in the morning when you realize you have 10 minutes left before you have to run out the door and you have NO idea what your wearing today.  In FACT you don't even have a clue and you haven't event thought about it until this very second…and then the anxiety sets in. 
SO to avoid this craziness- PLAN AHEAD.

Have staples in your closet for a just in case scenario; last minute night out? Or a work event that requires you to look super cool but still work appropriate?  Maybe you totally forgot about this weekends baby or bridal shower?  ALWAYS have "go to" outfits that can subliment these moments.  For me its a jumpsuit, for other girls its that perfect LBD, for some its a great pair of pants and a cool top.  Whatever it is for you make sure you have it ready- ALWAYS.

Take some pics of your favorite looks so you can refer back when you have no clue what to wear.  Ever get dressed and think " oh wow, i love my outfit today"?  Well next time that happens…take a pic of it.  And all the other times that follow- take a pic then too.  Then you can refer back and copy it or mix and match some of your favorite looks.  Its super helpful!

Dress for girls. When dressing for other girls you allow to yourself to get more creative and in turn you end up looking much cooler.  When dressing for girls you wear things that only other women would appreciate.  

Look to Pinterest, blogs or instagram for outfit inspiration- its super helpful when your blanking

Always make sure to do your hair and makeup; no matter how effortless your outfit is ( which is always the goal) make sure you took the time to do your hair and makeup.  After all you are a girl and you always want to look pretty and put together.  Great hair pulls together any look.

Always remember that Less is more; strive to always look effortless.

See below for some outfit inspiration!

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