Finally. The sun stays out past 4 pm. A jacket, scarf, ear muffs, a hat, AND gloves is no longer necessary. And it’s safe to say that we can finally put our snow boots away.

Although it is only 45 degrees out these days, it feels like it’s 80. And we are loving it.
 I think the other day I left the house wearing a sweater and NO JACKET (not the best idea yet). So now that these freezing cold days are long gone, our closets are full of bulky sweaters, leggings, and boots. And although it’s getting warmer, it’s still not warm enough to pack these pieces away until next year.

 So, what are we supposed to wear then? You can get away with your leather leggings and a sweater still, but personally we are sick of that. We needed to change it up a little bit and this is what we have to tell you.
 For starters, forget the “no white before Memorial Day” rule. It is ancient! Bring out your white jeans.
The most amazing white denim with knee rips are HERE.

 For example, the other day I wore our JET Oversized Grey Jacket, with our white DL ripped denim and a black bootie. And I must say, it was so cute. The perfect combination of cute and comfortable while still looking put together.
 For all of those sweaters you have… Now is the perfect time to pair them with your favorite white jeans and a bootie or a sneaker. We will slowly get those days when you can wear just that with no jacket and be comfortable.

 Another alternative for white jeans (or other thing you decide to wear): Leather. White jeans, a simple tank, and a leather jacket is effortlessly cute and absolutely perfect for this time of year. Especially when you’re going out at night, no one wants to carry a jacket… so make the jacket a part of your outfit.
To dress it up, pair a silk tank with a leather jacket. Sometimes the smallest pieces make the biggest difference. A silk tank instantly dresses up your outfit.

Don't worry. You don't have to wear jeans everyday. You can still wear your favorite leggings. Pair them with an easy tee and sneakers for the weekend; Or a silk top and a jacket for those days when you need to be a little dressier.

BOYFRIEND JEANS. Wear them everyday! (Just Kidding), but really they are huge right now.  Picture it: distressed boyfriend jeans with a tank, leather jacket and ballet flats… edgy but so cute at the same time. We LOVE this look right now.

Dresses + Jumpsuits: Our ultimate go-to. I don’t know about you guys, but we all have days when we just can’t put heals on. So we resort to a flat boot with a jumpsuit. It just works. More so than jeans and a flat boot!

For a maxi, pair it with a cute little jacket, a bootie, or MULES<3 and a panama hat and you are instantly the cutest.

Mini dress or rompers are so cute with mules, booties, and a jacket. It doesn't have to be 70 degrees to show some leg. You can literally do it anytime.

The best way to get dressed is to get inspired.

Get inspired. Get excited. Get dressed.

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