Street Style

The Sneaker

Saint Laurent High Tops. Nikes. Ash Wedges. Chuck Taylor. Jimmy Choo Lace-ups.
Canvas. Leather. Rubber. Laces.
Get your mind away from the first thing you think of when you hear the word “sneakers”: the gym. The sneaker is having a major moment right now: a fashion moment.

Wear your sneakers in a way that is going to make people recognize how cool you really are.
Strike Gold. Add some iridescence to your feet, jazz them up.

Keep it Cool. Honestly nothing says cool like a pair of Chuck Taylors or Nikes. Wear them with a dress, jeans, leggings… you will look awesome no matter what.
Yes, that is our girl Blake Lively killing it in Chuck Taylors.

Top it Off. Do you hate wearing flats because you wish you were always a little taller but also hate always wearing heals? Wear a wedge. A wedge sneaker. You don’t have to buy the $700 Saint Laurent high tops (but if you can, then do it). Nike, Ash, Adidas… all of them sell absolutely adorable wedge sneakers and high tops.

Add a pattern. It can be checkered, leopard or color blocked. A patterned sneaker will turn an every day casual outfit into one of your personal fashion favorites.  
The cutest Kim and Zozi sneaks with aztec detail. $84 and best of all, in our store. Shop SUITE201!

The perfect leopard slip-ons<3 Shop SUITE201! $64

Patterned high tops! Perfect shoes for this casual dress summer dress. Shop SUITE201!

I told you... sneakers are having a major fashion moment.

XO Taylor

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