Jennifer Zeuner has arrived!

Yes, we said it. Jennifer Zeuner's amazing jewelry line has finally arrived at our store. From bracelets, to rings, to long tiered necklaces, you can create the most amazing look with just one of these pieces. 

It feels like every time we look in People or Cosmo Magazine, we see another celebrity rocking their favorite Jennifer Zeuner pieces. So now, we want you to be able to do the same because really, what's better than being able to say you have the same necklace as Lauren Conrad or Alessandra Ambrosio? 
Lauren Conrad in the sari necklace.
This necklace is styled as a lariat containing an "evil eye" with a blue sapphire at its center and a diamond detailed hamsa at the bottom of a drop chain. 

Alessandra Ambrosio in the mini priscilla necklace with a sapphire stone center.

Whether it's a twisted ring with subtle diamond detail, or a three banded gold ring, Jennifer Zeuner designs the most perfect rings to add a little beauty to your hands.  
The yvette three band ring: "a triple threat ringer of style", the yvette two band ring, and the celine ring, all available at Suite 201, are the perfect rings for your every day style.
Honestly, how cool?

Layer up this summer... in jewelry. 
Although, together, they create an insanely amazing stacked look, Jennifer Zeuner's pieces are also amazing alone. 
Our three favorites: the alba bracelet, the stav bracelet, and the raquel bracelet.
Feel safe wearing the alba bracelet: a piece that has the evil eye at the center to protect the wearer from evil spirits. 
The stav bracelet, a spiritual and mystical piece, pictured in the middle, consists of two letters from the Hebrew alphabet, Chet and Yod, that translate to life
For a distinctive piece, wear the raquel bracelet, all eyes will, for sure, be on you.
All available at Suite 201!

Which Jennifer Zeuner piece will you rock?

XO Taylor

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