Before the wedding dress comes the...

So many events. So much white. So many options.
It's your wedding day. You have been pampered and tended to all morning and it's finally time to put on the dress that you purchased MONTHS ago and have been thinking about ever since.
How excited are you?
This "omg I can't wait to wear this" excitement shouldn't only happen on your wedding day. Why not the night before too?
Your rehearsal dinner outfit is just as important and there are so many ways you can have fun with it without feeling like you have to wear all white.

A dress that doesn't necessarily have to be all white- but of course, it can be.

A two piece outfit.

Not wearing white at all.

A jumpsuit.
With a cool shoe, of course.

The colors of your wedding. For example, pink.

Just because you're not wearing all white doesn't mean you're not the bride. Have fun with it and chose something that you are going to be really excited to put on.

Happy Wedding :)

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