Festival Essentials

Warm spring days are coming. The sun shines bright. You can finally break in your favorite new sunglasses. Easy bohemian fashion is a must.

You know what that means; Coachella is here and we are so excited about it.

Fringe is huge. Denim shorts are a must. Accessorizing is key. 
Sometimes the best part about any concert or event is picking out your outfit.
SO, we have your festival essentials.

1. Jean Shorts
DL1961 Fringe shorts 
One Teaspoon ripped denim
2. Hats
3. Flash Tats + Accessories
It's all in the accessories
4. Dresses
Lace + booties is super cute and creates a casual bohemian vibe
5. Graphic Tees
So cute paired with denim shorts
6. Crop Tops + Bralettes
With high waisted shorts or wide leg pants.
7. Plaid
Tied around your waist for an easy, laid back feel.

Get Inspired.

What are you wearing this year?

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