Generally, the phase "copy cat" has a bad reputation. I mean every one wants to be an individual, and dress their own way by adding a little personality to their every day style BUT when it comes to this kind of copying... we highly recommend it.
Celebs. We see them all over E News, in the tabloids, and in People magazine under "Celebs: they're just like us!" but are they really just like us?
Probably not, but what's stopping us from being just like them? Nothing.
So sometimes it's nearly impossible to mimic exactly what Kendall Jenner is wearing on her Saturday stroll through the streets of New York, but we can get you pretty close.

Exhibit A.
Details: DL1961 Ripped Denim
David Lerner Tank Top
Blank Moto Leather Jacket
Black Rocker Mules

Details: High Waisted Leather Leggings
Long Sleeve Crop Top

Details: Striped Tank Dress
PS. Lauren Conrad is just so cute.

Details: David Lerner Coated Leggings
White Olivaceous Open Back Top

Details: Black Deep V Jumpsuit

Details: Olivaceous Sweater
Paige, Coated Ripped Denim

Details: David Lerner Coated Leggings
Michael Lauren Ray Tank
Faux Fur Jacket

Details: Black Faux Leather Midi Skirt
Lace Crop Top

Details: Long Sleeve, Deep V Midi Dress

Details: Donna Mizani Two Piece Midi Outfit
Added: 6 Shore Road Cognac Leather Jacket (the coolest)

Details: Our Favorite $48 Fedoras

Details: The BEST beanies

Details: Layered Jennifer Zeuner<3

Be the best COPY CAT; the copy cat that mimics celebrity looks, all available at Suite201.

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