Blonde bond with Lauren Curtis

As a blonde, I feel like I immediately bonded with Australian beauty, Lauren Curtis, also a blonde. Alina was browsing the internet last night looking for some tips on how to do her eyebrows, (and who doesn't love any and all beauty tips) when she came across Lauren's beauty blog. One word.. amazing. It's almost like she has a way of knowing exactly what you're looking for and showing you in a way that you completely understand. She has videos, pictures, tutorials.. she really is awesome.

Last time we talked beauty I was writing about how to get effortlessly perfect beach waves. Well, Lauren has a video for that! Her straight to curly transformation is amazing.

What goes great with beautiful hair? Beautiful makeup. Summer makeup can be hard. You want to look beautiful, obviously, but you want that natural sun kissed look, almost like you're not wearing anything at all. Check out Lauren's Summer Makeup Tutorial.

Not everyone loves lipstick, like me, but I do love a little shine. Guess who else loves shine... Lauren!
Lauren's favorite lipgloss, NYX Mega Shine Lipstick, is amazing. Look at her favorite colors.


smokey look.


Another thing we love... eyelashes. I have tried every mascara that Sephora and Ulta sell. I finally found one that I love, Bad Gal Lash by Benefit, but I love my fake eye lashes even more because they make my eyes pop. Not everyone wants to go through the process and expense of fake ones, though, so Lauren has a different solution for those massive lashes and defined brows.

Cool right? Check out her blog. Lauren Curtis.
You will love it just like we do.

XO Taylor

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