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So I, Alina, Just moved to Englewood about a month ago and while trying to get aquanted with my new town I came across an amazing Spa. I made an appointment for Monday the 15th and was psyched.
Being that its the holidays, we just moved; both myself and our Studio location, and I am planning my wedding I am busier than ever and I was looking forward to the appointment for weeks!

So... Esthetics MD; Its a high end Medical Spa located on Palisade Ave in Englewood… you can get ANY service- like lip contouring- without even going under the knife, a Blood facial like the one Kim Kardashian got, chin and cheek conturing, microdermabrasion, and so much more.
Just to set the tone for everyone, I was THIRTY FIVE minutes late to my appointment, I felt terrible but the staff could not be ANY nicer or more understanding. My estetician, Kristy was amazing. AND The Spa, and specifically Kristy, was featured in Harper’s Bazaar; for the BEST facial!
ANYWAY, Kristy brought me to the room where, 35 minutes late, I was finally getting my facial. The first thing I see in the room… a faux FUR BLANKET on the bed… I was laying in a heated bed, covered in a fur blanket, getting a facial- the Gravity Defying Facial- to be exact. The products she used were amazing, the extractions didn't even hurt, AND she gave me a massage. I just left feeling refreshed. It was heaven.
I had to personally share my experience because it was THE BEST one I have ever had. Everything from the staff, the d├ęcor, and of course the service was top of the line. You can tell they really know their stuff and that makes me want to come back for more. I am going to get a monthly facial with Kristy at Esthetica...and Allison and Taylor are getting gift-certificates  there for Christmas HAHA.  


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