What to wear

Some people say that the homework & studying is the hardest part about college, but personally I thought deciding what to wear to class was even harder. I mean, especially on the first day. You want to make a lasting impression like, "wow, she's definitely cool" but you also don't want to over do it.
Where is the happy medium? We've figured it out for you.
Flannels, for example, are the perfect thing to throw on. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, or even a maxi. 
I know you're probably thinking back to school means September and September is still warm so take the flannel and tie it around your waist.
if the Olsen twins are doing it then it has to be cool, right?
Comfy Sweaters. You can wear them with literally everything. If we were still going to class, we would pair them with a casual dress and sneakers
Our new Feel the Piece arrivals are the best. Super soft, cute, & comfortable.

Okay, no jeans, no dresses, just straight up comfy
Wide leg or cropped trousers, both pairs are perfect for class. Throw on a jean jacket and it automatically dresses it down.

Let us help you make the hardest part about going back to school, the outfit, a little easier.

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