.flash tattoos. 
This literally might be one of my favorite trends ever. These glittery jewelry inspired temporary tattoos are the perfect way to guarantee that you are the coolest chick on the beach. Flash tattoos only last 4-6 days, which is perfect because sometimes you just want that statement piece that stands out for a weekend.
In the summer, colorful jewelry is nice, but there is nothing more chic and eye-catching than tanned skin and gold accents. 
Picture yourself getting ready for a party this weekend
Dress up your back
Our Emerson Thorpe open back halter with this gold detail on the back of your neck or your shoulder
Or focus on the front
Have fun with it. Add a flash necklace to a tube or low cut romper.

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  1. got a feather from this brand at vogue fashion night out yesterday and i loooove it! too bad they don't last that long and they're quite expensive...but i still love it <3

    xo Melanie from The Fashion Menue


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