Sneak Peak Of Fall 2012

Hey All of you wonderful Suite201 blog readers! Alina here :) Yesterday Kayla and I went to Coterie, which is a trade show that takes place in NYC; it was AMAZING!  I was honestly blown away by the
collections for this fall.  I am NOT a slave to fashion at all nor do I care whats "trending" or what other people say is "so in" at the moment- I like what I like and I go with what I feel works and yesterday everything felt that way.  I of course keep an eye on trends and especially trends that continue to pop up within all the designers I work with but in the end if I dont like something I wont do it just because its "in".

While runway trends are really fun to watch, they aren't usually trade shows are my favorite types of shows! Trade shows give me a chance to really concentrate on what I love the most which is buying! I create so many outfits in my head and take tons of pictures! Check out my sneak peek below!!! This is just a tease- the real thing will be here before you know it!

Enjoy the pics!

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