The Future of Denim

So when I say future I mean January into the Spring...
BUT because the styles to come within the next few months are so amazing, (along with some I am skeptical about) it feels like a lifetime away.

I wish I could place every new piece into one category but there's so much fabulousness going on I can barely keep up.
We are truly in the middle of a fun and adventurous time in the world of denim. From shredded, to dark-wash, to high-waisted, to bell bottoms, to SKIRTS there is a pair of denim for every mood on every day. 
And because we want and NEED all of it, we got all of it.

But first things first: Boot Cut Jeans are coming back.....
...I feel like boot cut jeans are straight up a thing from the past. But apparently not, considering Ashley Olsen has been spotted rocking them lately.

Until this Spring, it's been a really long time since any part of our leg's have had a chance to breathe.
But we bring you the coolest and most incredible boyfriend and girlfriend jeans.
And girlfriend

Distressed. Totally still in BUT although they are my favorite, they are going to have to move over and make room for splatter denim.

If you are reading this, you must incorporate fringe AND/OR a denim skirt into your collection within the next few months.
It is essential and you will automatically be cooler.

Exposed Zippers and Raw Hems. 
So like, being cool without really trying to be cool.. but when you buy the jeans the first thing you will think is, "these are the coolest".
Yeah... that.

Are you excited yet?

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