From A to Z

With a new season comes new must haves... or 26 new must haves.

What's more fun than a list of things you need now? Nothing.
From A to Z... the things you need right now.

A.  A Sick leather Jacket... obviously.

B. Booties... every day.

C. Crop Tops... who said you can rock a crop top in the summer? They're wrong.

D. Denim. DUH.

E. Everything from Feel the Piece. Sweaters, thermals, graphic tees, pants, you need it all.

F. Fur. Faux or Real. but you need it

G. Great workout clothes. You might laugh at this, but sometimes when you feel good walking into the gym, you have a better workout. And honestly, what's cuter than some sneakers and an off the shoulder sweatshirt?

H. Hats

I. In Front and Back Earrings. Sounds strange... but they actually are such a cool accessory.

J. Jackets

K. Knits

L. Lace

M. Midis

N. Necklaces

O. Overalls <3

P. Plaid

Q. Quilted Jacket
Okay, be cooler....

R. Rompers (or jumpsuits)

S. Sunglasses.. like your favorite, statement, wear anywhere, pair.

T. Thermals

U. Underneath it all.... Braletes

V. Vests

W. Wide Leg Pants

X. XOXO with your love in these sexy looks

Y. YES to open toe booties. Rock your pedicure a little longer. Cold air won't hurt anyone :)

Z. Catching some ZzZ in the most comfy of clothes.

Make room in your closet because you need these A to Z necessities.
Well Said, SJP<3

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