Break the Rules

When most people think of Labor Day they think "3 day weekend". When I think Labor Day, I think of that ancient rule that says you shouldn't wear white anymore.
Don't mix black and blue. You can't wear denim on denim. Nice dresses are only meant for night time. You can't wear white after Labor Day.
I mean, who follows these anymore? Especially the white one.
That rule is old and should be squashed. If anything, white in the winter is amazing- snow, denim, jackets, sweaters, this picture....
... all fabulous and all white.
Winter white (light cream & beige applies) doesn't mean wearing an eyelet dress in November, but it does mean white sweaters, white jackets, and the most mistaken- white denim.
The best one- shop this look with us ;)
Only want to wear some white and keep the other pieces dark? No problem.
Love a dark leather jacket with light denim and booties.
A Suite201 go to for the Fall
Even the celebs rock the look
Note: Kim, not Kanye (obviously)

Break the rules. Rock white whenever you want to, however you want to.
 Shop our favorite winter whites at Suite201.

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