One of my favorite days- buying day. Our rep from BCBG was in this morning showing us everything for the end of the summer, Fall, and the Holidays. And just a heads up, your holiday outfits are going to rock. 

First, the two most adorable dresses.
I am so obsessed with the black and white one. I don't know if you guys have been watching their show, but Kourtney Kardashian has been wearing this pajama/lingerie style a lot lately.

This little red hot number which will be perfect for the holiday season....
...along with this amazing blazer. Shown in black but we are getting it in white and it is even more amazing.
Close up of the textured sleeve on this baby. One of our favorites.

These pants are amazing. Super soft legging feel with a back zipper. 

So this pattern is AMAZING. We were dying over it. And it also comes in the same pattern but as a blazer. 

This cute little number is a romper. Lace bottom & sheer sleeves.

I promise you will LOVE what we have coming within the next few months. 
We will make you look like a total babe... as per usual.

XO Taylor

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