Crop tops and white denim aren't the only things trending, but we are loving the trend of nails and they are just as fun


Nail Trend

SIMPLE WHITE NAILS - goes with every outfit and style that comes your way.

BRIGHT ORANGE OR BLUE - makes your skin tone look tanner instantly!

MATTE BLACK - Matte Black is the most stylish nail trend that everyone is getting into.  Even though it's the spring, matte black is giving off the spring vibe making it a bit edgier.  The Matte black can also be done in a reversed French manicure way with the matte black polish and regular polish tip -what could possibly be cooler!

GOLD - sparkle gold or even a metallic gold with the accent of a gold/silver shine on one finger.

SILVER - silver with a reverse French manicure just like the matte black.  This type of style can be done in so many colors and ways such as these two!

Nothing better than the cat nail trend leaving the one finger to stand out from the rest.

What color could be better than the perfect yellow in the spring time with a classy design to top it off!

A simple pretty pink with a flare of sparkle silver on the one finger to give off a more chic look.

We even love nails that are super fun such as these cool styles that you wont be able to get enough of!

- Chantalle Luberto
   Styling Assistant

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