ORIBE DRY TEXTURING SPRAY  

Have dirty hair and just no time to wash it? This Oribe Dry Texturing Spray will literally be your life savor! The invisible dry hair spray will absorb the oil from your roots and give you that full, incredible volume and texture that your hair is just craving. This spray also never clumps up or creates flakes and is a skin-grade shampoo that will have your hair looking the best!


                    KEY INGREDIENTS
   Copolymers; aloe lead juice, mango extract, silicones (for the frizz);                      kiwi, passion flower, sunflower seed extracts, benzophenone-4 and wheat protein. 

At the Fashion & Beauty Week Runway Show, the models had this incredible dry texturing spray throughout each of their hair-do's keeping the style looking fresh and perfect throughout the night.  The spray is not noticeable and lasts forever keeping your hair looking fresh and smelling purely amazing!  The benefits of using this dry texturing spray is that your hair will be able to grow healthier by the second because you aren't always washing, blowdrying and then using a flat iron or curling iron to style it.  Instead your hair is getting those natural oils and also getting a break from all the heat that is used to style your hair for the day. 

Allure, February 2013

In February 2013 Allure Magazine, this product was talked about in the Beauty Call section with Carrie Underwood! They had asked her, "What is your favorite hair product?" She responded by saying, "Oribe texturing spray." Carrie Underwood is always on the move and her hair always looks amazing, healthy and bouncing with volume!

Allure Magazine's, Victoria Land, also quoted on the product by saying, "It's awesome for creating an updo fast: Spray it on dry hair in lieu of teasing to add texture before pinning up."

Beyonce's Hairstylist Neal Farinah says, "the formulas are so weightless and don't leave any build-up."


Ever wonder how the celebrities always have that perfect wave almost everyday? A celebrity hairstylist's secret is by using this dry texturizing spray that will create a second-day beach wave style to give you a flawless look!

Townsend told US about Minka's hair, "I wanted Minka to have full, voluminous hair," she then continues to say that to finish the look she, "liberally sprayed Oribe Dry texturizing Spray all through her hair and even asked her to flip her head upside down so I could spray the hair underneath, giving the hair a great, second day texture."

Remember ladies beauty is pain but a whole lot easier with a dry texturing spray!

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- Chantalle Luberto

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