Need a easy hair style to look extra cute with?  The fishtail braid is easier than a regular braid and can make any outfit look even better without you even trying! The fishtail can be done in many ways and can even give off that messy look, which can look ten times better than a clean look.  The fishtail is a hairstyle that you can wear out shopping during the day and then go out during the night without even having to change your hairstyle! What could possibly be better?

How to make the fishtail braid? I'll take you through the easiest steps so you can look chic and fun for your day out!

                                First separate your hair into two parts

Then take a tiny strand from the left side and pull it to the right side combing it with the left side of hair. 

Next take a strand of hair from the right side and combine it with the left side and do this continuously until you want to end the fishtail! 

House of DeCicco Salon has the greatest braid bar as well! They can do any braid that you want to try, including our famous fishtail braid done in various amazing ways.  This salon is located on 65 N. Broad St. Ridgewood, NJ (2018574971). 

You will forever wear this great great hairstyle for life!! 

-Chantalle Luberto
Styling Assistant

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