Tuxedo Pants!!!!!!

If Coco Chanel were around today in this fast-paced society, she would probably say "A woman should be two things: classy and comfortable". Along with those words, you'd probably see a modern day Coco donning a pair of tuxedo stripe denim pants. Some may be in awe of the idea of a fashion icon even stepping foot in denim, but that's because they don't see the beauty in the versatility of the tuxedo stripe. The stripes are finding their way around the fashion industry, being painted onto leggings, leather, silk, and most importantly: denim. It's amazing what one line of fabric or color on each leg can add to a pair of jeans. It turns the casual into classy and makes it easy to change from day to night without having to wiggle out of your bottoms. Tuxedo-stripe jeans are easy to dress up with leather jackets and your favorite heels and then for a casual yet chic approach, pair up the denim with a comfortable Feel the Piece staple and a cozy infinity scarf. Here are some different ways you could style the fashionable tuxedo stripe into your everyday wardrobe.
Kristen Stewart recently wore her Hudson "LouLou" tuxedo crop skinny jeans to the Today Show. Stewart has always had a simple sense of style; the simple stripe in her jeans that is a different black tone than her denim breaks apart her outfit and adds some style to this all black everything look.
Fashionista, Olivia Palermo, loves her Hudson "LeeLoo" mid-rise skinnies so much that she has them in more than just one color! She was spotted in the burgundy/black pair at the Mulberry show during London Fashion Week. She creates her own color-blocked look by pairing up the denim with a mustard color sweater. Don't be shy or afraid to pair up this denim trend with a color rather than a solid, it's not too much and can actually be a great way to dress up your jeans. Her second look is a bit more relaxed rather than clean cut. She wore this evergreen/black tuxedo stripe pair at a movie premiere and paired it up with sneakers, a black comfy sweater and a blazer. Palermo exemplifies the versatility in this trend and manages to look great all dolled up for Fashion Week and a bit more casual for a movie premiere.
Blakey Lively and Miranda Kerr each paired their stripes with a simple white top and heels. Not that these two beauties need it, but the stripes create a great illusion of elongating your legs. I think that Blake symbolizes the epitome of class in fashion in this photo. The stripes do add more than you'd imagine. I feel as though if she was just wearing a simple pair of black pants, I wouldn't have been as affected by this look. Although both girls are wearing tuxedo stripe styled trousers, their looks are as easily attainable with tuxedo stripe denim.

Don't be afraid to be creative and create your own comfortable, yet fabulous look with a pair of tuxedo stripe jeans!

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