Our Day at Intermezzo!

Yesterday, we went to Intermezzo which is a trade show in New York City where we view current lines and see new ones we want to pick up to carry at Suite201. It's a great way to see the clothes before we get them in for you, our customers! 

Alina & I usually coordinate our outfits before we go somewhere
together but we accidentally showed up in the
same outfit - Our workcustom Leather Pants & Mongolian Fur vests 
It was an amazing day we had so much fun and are excited for
all of the Spring & Summer collections we wrote!! 

A new line we picked up, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent:
[Great prints and cute coin purses]

Another new line Monrow, the best basics in 
awesome colors and all super comfy 

Generation Love is one of our best sellers at Suite201
heres a sneak peack at their new summer print

We also picked up Free People!!!!!!! So excited for this, we will have super
unique pieces from the line 

We are also happy to bring back another best
 selling line Brandy Melville

Some Dolce Vita Summer:

Stay tuned for another post about the show!

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